Motoyasu Bridge.
Standing near the hypocenter, the two capitals of this bridge shifted outwardly, to right and left, and the railings fell into the river on both sides. From this it is presumed that somewhere on a line extended from the bridge toward the sky was the epicenter. (Photo by Shigeo Hayashi)

Japan Red Cross, Hiroshima Branch.
See from the roof of the Hiroshima Chamber of Commerce and Industry building. The ceiling was indented by the blast from directly above, forming a pool by rainwater.

Clock tower at Hondori.
Looking west on the Hondori shopping street, you see the Shimomura Clock Company building. The tilt of the tower demonstrates the terrific force of the shock wave (some 700 meters from the hypocenter). (Photo by Shigeo Hayashi)

Stone lanterns of the former Gokoku Shrine.
These lanterns and the tiered stones of their bases were shifted and tilted up by the blast (very close to the hypocenter). (Photo by Shigeo Hayashi)