The history of needle manufacturing in Hiroshima is quite a long story. It began way back, more than 300 years ago, when the then ruling feudal house, the Asano clan.encouraged needle making as a sort of home handicraft for the members of the lower warrior class in their domain. This slowly developed into an industry which, after the introduction of machines, showed tremendous growth around the time of the First World War. Thereafter, with the rationalization of management techniques and the reduction of production costs, together with efforts to increase quality, Needles from Hiroshima began to win a name for themselves on the international market.

Today, Needles from Hiroshima corners the domestic market for sewing needles (100% market share) and marking pins (97%), ranking second with needles for home sewing machines (49%). Then also occupy a considerable share with all other types of needles, especially crochet hooks, push pins and straight pins. In addition, a full 73% of the needles produced in Hiroshima are earmarked for export, illustrating the scope of their iternational reputation for superlative quality.

Looking to the future, we will endeavor to further improve manufacturing techniques and product quality, while at the same time developing and expanding the possibilities of needle-making technology into other fields.

The Possibilities of Needles

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