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Needle-Making Technology
To manufacture the small, delicate needles, a number of individual processes, each entailing its own special techniques, are necessary. Having been successful in innovating their own equipment for needle manufacture, Hiroshima's needle-makers are also in possession of advanced know-how in the field of precision machinery development. To make use of this technology, they have begun to expand their activities beyond just needle manufacturing.

Squid Hooks
A type of fishing hook born to meet the needs of the squid hook industry.

Verterinary Hypodermic Needles, Medical Needles, Ear Picks, Eyeleteers, String Threader
The prospects for the further development of needles for use in the medical profession are bright.

Antitheft Pins
A pin which can only be opened using a special device, it was first developed for apparels.
Development of Related Articles
'Related articles' means those accessories which enhance sewing pleasure and ease. In this field, originality and know-how make the difference.

Make threading a needle a breeze!

Seam Rippers
A practical little tool for opening seams and button holes.

Stitch Holders
Used to prevent fraying of a row of stitches set temporarily aside while knitting.

Anti-tangle Spool
A tool for keeping your yarn from getting tangled when you are knitting with different colored yarns.

Knitting Needle Caps
Placed on the ends of your needles, they keep your knitting from sliding off.
The Future Possibilities Presented by Needles
Needle manufacture requires precision technology and stringent quality control. We, who have a tradition of wielding such precision technology to make needles from a mere string of wire, hope to make use of our rich experience in other fields as well.

We have already begun to work with the people from the electronic component field, and we feel that the demand for our expertise will increase in this age of high technology.

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