Children's Peace Monument

Sasaki Sadako-san was exposed to the radiation when she was only 2 years and 8 months old as she was diagnosed as acute leukemia, blood cancer at the age of 12. Sadako-san kept folding paper cranes without sleep at night. Because she believed Japanese popular belief that when a person fold 1,000 paper cranes her dream comes true. Her dream was to live. But in vain, she died after she had struggled to live in a hospital for 9 months.

Her friends established Hiroshima Children's association for Peace and started fund raising campaign all over Japan to build this Children's Peace Monument. Responding their campaign, many people at home and abroad offered much money which led to the opening this memorial on May 5, Children's Day, 1958. Now paper cranes have become the symbol of anti nuclear campaign all over the world to show our will to prevent people from becoming hibakusha or Atomic Bomb victims.

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