The 2nd Army Hospital.
Inside a tent pitched in the compound of the 2nd Army Hospital on the bank of the Ota River. Many victims congregated here from the barracks and ruined hospitals. This photograph seems to have been taken around August 8th. (Photo by Yotsugi Kawahara)

On the rescue party truck.
This small girl has not even the energy to drink the proffered water, passively waiting for death (August 10-20, 1945; photograph by Hajime Miyatake).

Treatment at Hiroshima Red Cross Hospital.
A woman receives treatment for a burn. The ragged gauze indicates the scarcity of medical supplies in the early days. (Photo by Shunkichi Kikuchi)

Loss of hair.
Japanese women are proud of their lovely, black hair. Many were reduced to a miserable state of baldness after exposure.