A soldier about to die.
This serviceman survived the war, but fell a victim to the A-bomb inside a wooden house (about 1km from the hypocenter). Bleeding from the skin, red specks, stomatitis and hair epilation were observed. The soldier died two hours after this photograph was taken. (Photo by Gonichi Kimura)

Kimono pattern.
Burned areas on the back and on the dorsal portion of the upper arm show that thermal rays penetrated the black or the darkcolored parts of kimono she wore. (Photo by Gonichi Kimura)

Trace of a hat.
The exposed part of the face was badly burned by thermal rays. The hat protected the head from a burn.

Severe burns.
Only his waist was protected from a burn by a waistband he wore (within 1km from the hypocenter). (Photo by Masami Onuka)