The hypocenter seen from they sky.
With Aioi Bridge between them, the Hiroshima Chamber of Commerce and Industry (A-bomb Dome) and Honkawa Elementary school remain standing in ruin. (Photo by US Army)

The center of the city.
Nothing is left standing except ferroconcrete buildings. Only rows of street show that there once was the busiest section. (Photo by US Army)

The scorched land.
Looking south from the roof of a building near Yamaguchicho. With nothing to obstruct the view, a gas tank, Muko-Ujina, and Ninoshima island in the Hiroshima Bay can be seen near at hand. (Photo by US Army)

A-bomb Dome.
Skeleton of the Hiroshima Industrial Promotion Hall is preserved today as a memorial to the A-bomb victims and as a warning to future generations, with the help of peace-concerned contributors. (Photo by US Army)